SyMptoMS Platform

SyMptoMS consists of an smartphone app for patients, web app for therapists, server-side sevices, for data storage, analysis, etc

Our goal

Our goal is to facilitate the creation of apps that use the advanced features of smartphones, allowing to generate applications according to each type of disorder without the need for technical knowledge

End User Tools

For Patients

For Therapists

Android App

Has configurable features depending on treatment
Monitors the patient progress through sensors
EEMs and IEMs deliveries.

Management Web App

It allows to manage centers, psycologists and patients, it also allows to define the configuration of the mobile app for each patient, adjusted to the needs of each mental disorder and treatment.

Visualizator Web App

It allows to track the patient progress, analysing the data reported by them, it has a map view to track exposures to predefined locations.
View the evaluations sent by each patient and the interventions received.