Who we are?

We are an interdisciplinar team with professionals to cover all aspects of the platform. We count in our team experienced developers and clinical psychologists.
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Geotec is a research group specialized in geospatial technologies and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) development. We tackle everyday problems with a geospatial view, facing these challenges from a multidisciplinary approach, trying different theoretical perspectives and practices that respond to social and environmental problems, such as mobility, transport, aging population, environmental health or education.

LabPsiTec (Laboratory of Psychology and Technology), at Universitat Jaume I of Castellón and Universitat de Valencia, has been investigating for more than 25 years the possibilities of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Clinical Psychology. These ICT tools (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet, mobile devices, etc.) can be used as tools for assessment and treatment as well as for the study of basic psychological processes. In addition, through the Psychological Assistance Service of Universitat Jaume I, our patients can benefit from the latest innovations in psychological treatments.

Principal investigators

Sven Casteleyn

Sven Casteleyn is an associate professor at the University Jaime I (UJI), Castellón, Spain. He previously held a five year Ramón y Cajal fellowship (UJI) and a two year European Marie Curie individual fellowship (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia), and various post- and pre-doctoral research positions at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, from which he holds a Ph.D. and a Master degree. His research interests lie primarily within the broad field of Web engineering, mobile computing, geographic information science and technology applied to various applications fields, primarily mental health.

Carlos Granell

Carlos Granell is associate professor at UJI. He previously held a 5-year Ramón y Cajal post-doctoral fellowship, worked for 3 years as a postdoc in the Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (Italy), and was a post- and pre-doctoral researcher during the period 2003-2010 at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, from which he holds a Ph.D. (2006). His research interests lie in multi-disciplinary GIS, spatial analysis & visualization applied to mental health and mobility, and reproducibility research practice in GIScience.

Juana María Bretón López

Juana María Bretón López has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Granada (year 2008) and is currently an associate professor at the Universitat Jaume I since 2018. The central theme of her research is the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the application of psychological treatments and the promotion of health and well-being. She belongs to the Labpsitec research group directed by Dr. Azucena García Palacios.

Researchers and developers

Miguel Matey

Miguel Matey Sanz has a bachelor’s degree and a Master in Computer Science from Universitat Jaume I. Currently, he is holding a FPU grant (Spanish Ministry of education) for pursuing his doctoral studies, and he is involved in SyMptOMS project. He joined the GEOTEC group in 2015 via the Study and Research program to introduce students on a research carrer while they are studying their bachelor’s degree. Miguel is interested in developing mobile and web applications and indoor localization.

Nazar Pysko Kopot

Nazar Pysko finished his bachelor degree in Computer Science at Universitat Jaume I in 2022 after doing two internships in computer engineering and full stack development. Via the European INVESTIGO program, just after graduating, he joined GeoTec working in the SyMptOMS project as a BackEnd Engineer. Currently, he is learning new things everyday improving his skills in computer science.

Marcos Javier Magni Mattoni

Marcos Javier Magni Mattoni is a computer engineering graduate. He has worked as an assistant researcher implementing a CNN (Convolutional neural network) to detect illness in cells called glomerulus and developing an android app that uses the MLKit from Google. He also developed a curriculum generator web app using NextJS and NodeJS.